Group fitness - group training classes

Group Fitness includes all those group training activities, directed by a trainer, which have as their main objective the execution of high intensity programs with limited loads, possibly with the accompaniment of a musical base that increases the choreographic component or however the involvement of the participants.

This includes a whole series of specific courses and classes that have long been part of the offerings of gyms, clubs and fitness areas in hotels, resorts and beyond. Among these, for example, the Pump classes, with short and practical barbells, loaded with small rubberized discs, but also those of Fit Boxing and the like, can not be missing. In these cases, the space dedicated to this type of activity is often only one (or more than one), with ample free space in the center.

For this reason, in areas dedicated to group training classes, storage solutions become essential in order to store the large quantities of necessary tools in an orderly manner.

Sidea Boxing


Set including barbells, rubber discs and disc stops designed specifically for the organization of Super Pump classes, in which high intensity exercises are performed with not high loads.



Bags (including base adjustable on three heights), and accessories such as gloves and protections, for the practice of Fitness Boxing classes.



Steps of various sizes and heights, adjustable or not, for Group Fitness classes that include high intensity plyometric exercises.



Useful accessories and tools for specific Group Fitness courses, which require bars or small aerobic dumbbells or elastic bands of various sizes and resistances.


More than racks and structures, which in the areas dedicated to Group Fitness would occupy useful space to accommodate more people within the same class, in this type of set-up, tool storage solutions play a particularly important role.

Storing the different tools in an orderly and, above all, optimized in terms of space, in fact, allows you to create a more functional workspace, within which you can easily and quickly manage all the material necessary for the various classes.

To do this, it is possible to evaluate specific tool racks, designed to accommodate specific types of tools (handlebars, balls, bars, etc.) or universal solutions, able to be customized with different types of shelves according to your needs.