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Premium Step. High-end professional step with larger dimensions, superior stability, robustness, lack of edges, and top-notch finishing.
Sistep and Aerostep are high-end steps distinguished by their large size, robustness, excellent finishing, and the possibility of adjustment in 3 different heights.
Ecofit step created through the recycling of plastics (recycled polyethylene) is an eco-friendly product designed to reduce waste. It is light, easily moveable, stackable, and exceptionally economical. Because of its “space-saving” and portability qualities, it is particularly suitable for jam-packed fitness and wellness events.
Plyobox Soft Impact. Parallelepiped-shaped unit ideal for plyometric exercises made of high-density polyurethane, covered in PVC, complete with handles and connecting flaps with other plyoboxes.
Wooden Plyobox 3-in-1. Made with OSB (oriented strand board) wood panels for stability and practicality, it can be placed in such a way as to work at three different heights.

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