From small vynil or chromed dumbbells for aerobic classes or rehabilitation exercises to the heavier Black Rubber or Hex Rubber ones: a complete offer of tools for every training level.

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Trainer Tips: Considered one of the leading free-weights for Functional Training and Bodybuilding, the dumbbells consist of the handle and loads evenly distributed on both ends. Unlike other tools, such as the barbell, the dumbbells allow the hands to be free from each other, making them optimal for the development of proprioception and joint stabilization. A free-weight workout also ensures that both sides of the body can be trained equally, resulting in a symmetrical development of the muscles. Ensuring that the body stays proportionate, from top to bottom, is often a hard-to-achieve task. It is affected by the barbell, as the more significant effort often burdens the healthier side of the body. The handlebar, on the other hand, allows a complete range of movement and consequently involves many more muscles acting as stabilizers.

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