Rack and structures capable of combining use versatility with compact dimensions. This makes them particularly suited to be positioned in contexts with limited space availability, such as home gyms or personal training studios.

Training structures which are completely customizable with regards to the optionals and the dimensions, starting from a single base component: the Power Cage Rack. The Rack Stations are available in pre-configured Packs, thought for different contexts and training applications.

Tubular training structures thought to equip in a multifunctional way a training area, providing also solutions to store in an orderly way the unused tools.

Training structures already treated for outdoor installations, capable of equipping in a complete and multifunctional way an area where to perform Calisthenics Training and not only.

The Public Island Rack is a multifunctional tubular structure designed to equip training areas for users of all levels, in compliance with the regulations for installation in public spaces, such as parks and beaches.

OUTRACE is the premium line of training structures, capable of combining design and functionality and of equipping a training area in a complete and at the same time elegant way.