Gamma Cast, the “king-exercise” of Clubs Training


Every functional tool has particular characteristics, that result in unique training properties to be applied in different ways in order to reach different goals. Therefore, there are specific exercises, or movements, that are able to maximize one tool’s possibilities: if the Swing can be considered the king-exercise of the Kettlebell Training, there is no doubt […]

Si-Clubs: a Functional Training Tool with unique features


If the kettlebells can now be considered common tools in every gym or fitness and sports context, the clubs are still mostly unknown and, therefore, less appreciated. Once you learn to use them, however, you can immediately understand how much these tools can be useful for every kind of training and athletic conditioning, being it […]

Fabio Scozzoli: functional training for swimming athletic preparation


Goggles, costume, cap and a pool full of water to cross back and forth as fast as possible. The ‘swimmer kit’ may seem to include only these simple items, but especially in recent years agonistic swimming is more and more connected to an important part of preparation performed outside the water, where it is possible […]

Hammock Training: features and benefits of working out suspended in the air


Sidea’s Hammock is a versatile and multi-functional training tool that allows to experience in safety the lightness and fun of suspension training, while developing conditional-coordinative skills and mobility. It has physical features that facilitate and intensify the workout by increasing the strength, the mobility and the flexibility and that allows to correctly perform positions that […]

Matteo Signani, from functional training to the ring: the athletic preparation for boxing


Constant movement, speed, explosiveness, strength and endurance: boxing is one of the most complex sports both technically and, even more, athletically. For this reason, an appropriate athletic preparation is essential, and this has been confirmed by one of the main interpreters in Italy and in Europe: Matteo “il Giaguaro” Signani.

The Gym Hammer


The Gym Hammer is one of the latest tools to be rediscovered by fitness: it is particularly suitable for the athletic preparation of many disciplines, but also to increase the physical qualities which can be useful both for the performance and for esthetic goals. Unlike the common hammers, these tools are specifically thought for the […]