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Flying & Suspension Training

A dedicated selection of tools for Suspension Training. With the Suspension Training, you work with your weight through numerous exercises for beginners, experienced athletes, group training, and personalized training routines.
In particular, Flying is a multi-purpose tool that, born from the pull-up rings, can be used in the same way as rings with different arms, or the more popular triangle configuration.
Among the tools for Functional Training, Flying is undoubtedly the most versatile of all: using simple principles of workload regulation, it is adaptable to every person regardless of their level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and goal (aesthetic, athletic preparation, health, and wellness); due to its reduced weight (1 kg) and bulk (it closes in a 20 cm x 20 cm bag), this tool can be carried anywhere. Thanks to its quick hooking system to any supporting structure (bar, backrest, vertical pole, door, tree), it can be used everywhere (in the gym, outdoors, on sports courts, at home, in hotels).
Besides its versatility, Flying is a strong ally for free-body training. Relying on the use of one’s body weight, total or partial (depending on the percentage of weight you decide to employ), Flying is the ideal tool for beginners and skilled athletes.
For beginners, who are not yet fully able to perform free-body exercises, it enhances a postural and initial strength. Advanced athletes can use an increased free-body weight, boosting the instability provided by the suspension of the straps.
Flying is indeed the first tool to be integrated into free-body training.

The suspension training with the Flying system is part of the functional workouts that are gaining a certain degree of popularity lately and that are likely to influence future trends in athletic preparation and fitness.

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