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Criteria for choosing a mat can vary. One suggestion could be to start with the type of activity and a consideration of its thickness. The thickness of the mat is insignificant if one disregards the specific properties of the material used. For dynamic activities, where more stability and adherence are required, mats of lower thickness are recommended. In contrast, for less dynamic activities, which involve the maintenance of certain positions, mats of higher thickness are recommended. From a practical point of view, it is almost impossible to define a precise distinction depending on the activity, because, especially in the gym, these tools end up being multipurpose. Our products range on average values from 4 to 15 mm. The most significant differences refer to the type of material, which determines its durability and structural features, which determine its usability and versatility.
But if activity and thickness cannot be easily correlated, what could be the selection criteria?
We suggest 5, in order of importance:

  1. Use with or without shoes.

    The soles of shoes are the enemy of mats, primarily if you perform exercises that require high grip and, therefore, high friction and abrasion. The recommended models suitable for workouts that require the use of shoes are the mats code 3024, code 3025,  code 0400, code 0400/1, code 0401, since these models are ideal for intense use and elevated stress. Models code 3016, are not recommended since they are specifically designed for use without shoes.
    Mats code 0403 and code 0403/1 are shorter models, conceived so that the shoes remain external.

  2. Comfort function on the floor.

    The mat is used to relieve pain on the floor, e.g., pain in the sacrum during abdominal exercises—recommended models code 0400 and code 0400/1.
    The pillow and support code 1000 can be placed in this category, due to its specific function of support for exercises dedicated to abdominals. To the point that they are also known as abdominal pillows or AB Mats.
    Insulation function from uneven surfaces.
    It is undoubtedly the case with grassy or uncomfortable surfaces, typical of outdoor workouts.
    We strongly recommended models code 0401, code 0403, code 0403/1 and code 3024, code 3025, in case you need a rolling and transportable mat.

  3. Budget criteria.

    For reasons of practicality deriving from specific contexts, there are professional activities that prefer to choose economic mats and replace them every 6 or 12 months—recommended model code 3016.

  4. The practicality of use.

    The roll-up mats are the most popular. Their external transportability is practical, but their convenience in a gym setting is limited. Even when using the racks code 0397 and code 0398 to hang the mats, use in classes often leads to distraction and, subsequently, trampling and breakage. The most important feature must be the ease of the mat to adhere to the ground, almost completely losing the fold when rolled up. Our rolling mats, code 3024, code 3025, code 3016, code 3014, have this quality in terms of comfort, the monobloc mats code 0401, code 0403, and code 0403/1 are the best due to their rigidity and lightness. It’s easier to place them in different spots around the gym and count with perfect adherence to the floor. Their transportability from indoors to outdoors is limited.
    Folding mats, code 0400, code 0400/1, combine some qualities of the monoblocks with the quality of the transportability of the rolling mats. The most important feature is the ease with which the mat folds and unfolds and securely adheres to the floor. EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is by far the best material for this purpose.
    Also belonging to this category are the landing mats code 0405 and code 0406, which, in addition to cushioning falls, can also be used as a work surface for the execution of exercises in sports and rehabilitation. With particular reference to functional training on unstable surfaces, aimed at improving coordination and balance.

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