The Universal Storage Rack is completely modular and can be adapted to the specific needs by choosing from 4 kinds of horizontal shelves:

4141 Balls Shelf (dedicated to medical balls)

4142 Angled Shelf (covered in rubber and slightly inclined shelf, where to store dumbbells)

4143 Flat Shelf (universal rubbered shelf, where to store for example the kettlebells)

4144 Bumper Shelf (designed to store bumper plates)

The shelves must be supported by columns:

4140 Upright Column Kit (composed of 2 columns, 3 junction bars, nuts and bolts).

Two kits are necessary to support the standard single span configuration of the Universal Storage Rack, which can also be extended by adding other kits and shelves. The kit is sold individually in order to be able to compose at will a 2, 3, 4, 5-span storage rack. For example, to make a five-span Universal Storage Rack (as in the image above), it is necessary to add 6 Upright Column Kits.

List of product

Single-span rack dimensions: 1580 x 470 x 1805 mm
Weight 107 kg
Max load 1000 kg

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