This is a modular tool rack. 
Based on specific needs, it is possible to choose between 4 different horizontal shelves: 

4140 Upright Column Kit (composed of 2 columns (uprights), 3 junction bars, nuts and bolts) 
4141 Balls Shelf (medical balls shelf) 
4142 Angled Shelf (inclined shelf for dumbbells) 
4143 Flat Shelf (universal shelf, eg kettlebell holder) 
4144 Bumpers Shelf (bumper disc shelf) 

4140 Upright Column Kit is a set composed of 2 columns (uprights), 3 junction bars, nuts and bolts. 
Two kits are necessary to compose the basic shelving, that can be lengthened adding other kits. 
The kits are sold individually in order to compose, as desired, shelving with 2, 3, 4, 5 uprights.

Dimensions: 1570 x 470 x 1805h mm
Weight 90 kg
Max load 1000 kg

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