Weight plates can be classified into three categories: coated ("rubberized"), solid ("bumper"), technical. The first ones consist of metal discs coated with rubber or polyurethane. The second ones are weight plates entirely made of rubber or polyurethane. The combination of these elements: coated or solid, rubber or polyurethane, determines their function, application, and production costs. Polyurethane has higher manufacturing costs. Technical weight plates are unlike any other since they are produced according to their own unique specifications to meet precise technical requirements. If we consider the plate only as a weight, the use of metal is undoubtedly the most suitable solution in terms of cost but also in terms of bulking space. It determined the easiness of loading them on tools and shelving them on racks. In the context of weightlifting, the disc must also be robust and durable. Weight plates need to be designed to resist dynamic forces, like the impact on the floor, absorbing energy with elastic deformations. The use of rubber fulfills this requirement. Finally, if assessed in the context of a tool room, the weight plate must also have aesthetic, accident prevention, and handling features. It must have comfortable grips, covered either with rubber or polyurethane. Starting from these brief assumptions, we analyze the main properties of the various models of weight plates that we produce.
9030/3-9035/3 Rubber Plate Series Consisting of sizes 1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 20 kg, exclusively in black color, this line was designed to obtain the best quality/price value for multi-purpose weight plates with handle. The metal allows the molding of the handgrips while maintaining a high structural resistance. The rubber guarantees a reasonable degree of durability plus proper safety and comfort features in the grip. This set of weight plates is the most aesthetically essential of our line. Suitable also in settings of technical flooring, as long as the impact is guided and well-controlled by the athlete.
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9030-9036 PU Plate Series Consisting of sizes 1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, two-tone black/grey, this line was developed to achieve the highest quality and aesthetic standards for multi-purpose weight-plates with handle. The metal allows the molding of the handles while maintaining a high structural resistance. The polyurethane provides additional strength, excellent safety features, and very high grip comfort. The weight plates are more hardened to the touch compared to rubberized ones. Still, the finish possible with polyurethane ensures very rounded edges. The polyurethane weight plates feature sharp colors, absence of odor, absence of marks due to the molding. So much that the impeccable aesthetic is one of the essential qualities of PU weight plates. The deterioration from stress and exposure to light of the polyurethane is much lower than that of rubber.
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9040/1-9044/1 Bumper Plate Series The solid weight plates are designed for weightlifting activity (powerlifting, CrossFit training). These weight plates withstand the drop of the barbell on the floor, hence the name bumper. To guarantee an evenly distributed support, and a fixed height of the bar from the floor, the bumper plates are all manufactured with the same external diameter, traditionally fixed at 45 cm by various federal regulations. Due to its mechanical properties, synthetic rubber is the most suitable material for this type of disc. The 9040/1-9044/1 series, composed of sizes 5; 10; 20 kg, was developed to obtain the best quality/price value. It is available exclusively in black color, without paint, and with steel ring.
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9040/2-9046/2 Pro-Training Bumper Plate Series Consisting of sizes 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, colored according to the IWF standard, this line of bumpers was born to obtain high-quality standards. The rubber used is the same as line /1. Still, the plate, colored, fits a steel plate for reinforcing the central area and reducing the offset tolerance with the barbell. Reliability, durability, and precision in the loading on the barbell are enhanced.
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9040/3 - 9046/3 PU Bumper Plate COLOR Series Consisting of sizes 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, colors according to IWF standard, this line of bumpers is manufactured with polyurethane. As already mentioned, polyurethane can be considered the best material to produce weight plates. The qualities of this tool are its extremely high-resistance, outstanding compactness, low rebound, no odor, sharp coloration, absence of imperfections, and marks due to molding. This solution is a perfect combination with the steel sheet. PU weight plates represent the best possible solution in terms of reliability, aesthetics, and overall quality. The deterioration from stress and exposure to light of polyurethane is significantly lower than that of rubber. Moreover, thanks to the high density of the material, PU discs have a very reduced thickness, allowing the loading of a barbell with a weight exceeding 350 kg. Just like metal weight-plates, this line offers the advantage of being more resistant. The lower elastic deformation compared to rubber, however, can also be considered a limit for those who prefer softer, more bouncy bumpers.
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9040/4 - 9046/4 PU Bumper Plate BLACK Series For aesthetic reasons, the PU Bumper Plates are also available in black monochrome with white Sidea logos and numbers (weight).
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9038/05 - 9038/25 FRACTIONAL PLATES FRICTION GRIP Series Consisting of the sizes 0.5; 1; 1.5, 2; 2.5 kg, colors according to the IWF standard, this is a series of small solid discs, made of rubber, that allows splitting the weight to be lifted. The center hole is not finished with a standard ring, but it features a surface ideal to exert a friction grip on the barbell. Fractional weight plates can be loaded outside of the speed collars to speed up their insertion and disengagement.
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9040/25 Technical Plates 2,5 kg Solid PVC disc, without a ring, manufactured with a thickness of only 2 cm. This thinness matched the same diameter as the bumper discs of 45 cm, and bring the barbell to the same height from the ground. This feature allows the Technical Plates 2.5 to be also used in combination with bumpers as the surface they take on the barbell is very reduced. The material, hard and resistant, enhance the versatility of these discs. Ideal also for technical flooring, as long as the drop is guided and controlled by the athlete at all times.
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9040/25H - 9040/50H - Technical Hollow Plates Series Consisting of 2.5 and 5 kg, these are empty and thick polyethylene discs. These plates don't have the standard ring. Their thickness, 6 and 8.5 cm allow to obtain the same diameter of the bumper discs, 45 cm, to bring the barbell to the same height from the ground. Despite their reduced weight, with these plates, it is possible to drop the barbell on rubberized floorings.
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Tools and accessories available in the Sidea catalog regarding plates and bumpers for weightlifting and powerlifting. From fractional to Pro-Training, this equipment is either designed in rubber or polyurethane, with and without symmetric grip. Sidea Bumpers and Plates all have regular 50mm internal diameter, with weights that range from 0,5 kg to 25 kg each.

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