Big Tubing is suitable for a wide range of settings, from functional fitness to athletic training. The resistance running is undoubtedly the most popular exercise, even if these elastics are suitable for a variety of several other applications.
The demands, determined by the conditions of employment, can be very different from each other. Imagine an elastic band that can match the requirements of athletic disciplines, often performed barefoot on a floor with little grip, and those of heavy athletics, who train with shoes notched on the grass.

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The Easy version, with medium to low resistance, allows you to use the elastic band with excellent safety. Even when used by older adults, it allows you to perform different exercises, such as running sideways, running backward, four-legged, jumping, or climbing on raised floors.
The Power Big Tubing, with double the resistance compared to the Easy model, is helpful in all those contexts in which you work with athletes performing resistance running or strengthening. It is also possible to simultaneously use two or three elastics according to your training demands.

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