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Postural Weightlifting Training: interview with Paolo Campra

Postural Weightlifting Training: interview with Paolo Campra, creator of the postural education programme that subverts [...]

The stresses an Olympic barbell undergoes during the main exercises

Department of Mechanics, Milan’s Polytechnic We asked the Department of Mechanics at Milan’s Polytechnic, in [...]

Functional Power in Kettlebell Training

In the Functional Training domain, talking about power is almost inevitable. Many exercises characterised by [...]


NORDIC HAMSTRING CURL An exercise used in fitness, athletic training and sports medicine, the Nordic [...]

Nicol Delago: holiday over?

Good morning Nicol. Sidea deals with equipment dedicated to athletic preparation. All our questions will [...]

Rubber Wagon Wheel Bumper Plates

With the squat, the deadlift is one of the most common training exercises. This is [...]

Functional Training and Specific Force in Kettlebell training

In the varied and multimodal panorama of Functional Training, the Kettlebell undoubtedly represents a must-have [...]

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