9095M5 Rack Station Functional Model

Overall dimensions: 5090 × 1130 h.2800 mm
Power Cage Rack dimensions: 1200 × 1130 h.2300 mm
Rack pull-up bar diameter: Ø 38 mm
Ladder length: 2000 mm
Ladder height: 2250 mm
Ladder rungs diameter: Ø 38 mm
Distance between rungs: 300 mm
Dips Bar Length: 689 mm
Paddle diameter: 500 mm
Barbell Lever adapter diameter: 28/50 mm
Color: Micaceous black

The Rack Station Functional Model is a standard configuration of the Rack Station, which includes two Power Cage Racks code 9095, a 2000 H. Ladder code 9095/5, a Dips Bar code 9095/19, a Barbell Lever code 9095/20 and two Paddles code 9095/2. As it includes two racks, this model allows you to have two stations suitable for barbell training and pull-ups, connected by a ladder for Monkey Walk exercises and equipped with bars for suspension training, a Barbell Lever and two targets for throwing medicine balls. This makes it a particularly versatile and multifunctional Rack Station, able to combine functional, suspension and barbell training.

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