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This massive sports complex could be a game changer“: this is how USA Today titled its article about one of the most innovative, modern and avantgarde projects concerning sports and wellness of the United States. The St James has indeed recently opened in Springfield (Virginia), only a half-hour drive from the city center of Washington D.C., and it represents a really interesting novelty for its dimensions and for the quality and extension of its sports offer.

In the same complex it is possible to find everything needed to practice a vast range of team and individual sports: from a covered FIFA standards-size soccer field (which can also be used for American football, rugby and lacrosse training), to a 50m Olympic pool, including also four basket courts (also convertibles for volleyball and futsal), two ice fields for hockey and skating, a “hitting house” in which is possible to practice baseball and softball, and 8 squash fields.

Besides this, The St James provides also a health and high-performance club equipped with highest-level available tools, machines and structures, including an outstanding Black-Anodized OUTRACE R2-8 Avantgarde structure, true protagonist in the functional and suspension training area of this wonderful facility.

The St James’ structure can host more than 16 people working at the same time, reaching a total working area of 75m2, and it has been equipped with a Gym Ladder and one Tiny Gym Ladder for each pillar. The training solutions of this structure include also two Lat Bars (on which is possible to perform pull-ups), two Ball Trampolines (for functional circuits which involve also Medicine Balls or Giant Medicine Balls), a Plyo Board and both a Dips Bar and a Smart Dips Bar. Thanks to its dimensions, this OUTRACE R2-8 is also perfectly suitable for large group classes, having in particular 10 suspension working stations equipped with Trapezex, Training Ladders and Flying.

Another important contribution of OUTRACE to The St. James is the possibility to practice also on combat sports, being it also equipped with two punching bags. In this sense, the structure perfectly fits The St James concept of a multipurpose and eclectic place in which is possible to concentrate all sorts of passions and preferences concerning sports and, more in general, movement and wellness. This versatility is an integral part of the very concept of OUTRACE, a structure that is thought as a support for the users’ and trainers’ capability of taking the best out of human body in terms of movement. In this sense The St James and OUTRACE may be considered true “game changers” in their fields, with a common ambition towards health and wellness.

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