Using the techniques and methods of the athletic preparation for combat sports in fitness and functional training contexts is nowadays a consolidated trend: speed, agility, strength, endurance and resilience are certainly essential qualities to be improved to reach fitness goals of every kind, and they are absolutely central in the preparation for sports like boxingMMAkick boxing, etc.. The increased popularity of these training methods also outside the agonistic contexts is due to their capability to match a constant and global high-intensity movement with an elevated level of mental concentration, which combined create optimal conditions for improvement.

Gyms and functional spaces all over the world are more and more implementing training areas provided with combat sports tools and equipment, including punching bagsglovesprotections and, in some cases, also real boxing rings (read also: “EFC Performance Institute: a new state-of-the-art combat sports training facility in Johannesburg“). This can be applied both to group classes and to single users, but boxing and kick-boxing exercises can provide great benefits also if inserted in circuit training.

An optimized organization of the training space results to be essential for combat sports training, especially if performed in medium-large groups, and OUTRACE can be a very effective in combining spatial and training needs in a unique solution. The beams result indeed to be perfect to hook the punching bags and to take advantage of the whole training space beneath the structure, but this is not the only solution provided by OUTRACE for this kind of training. Thanks to the PB Storage, it is possible to use the space around the structure for boxing sessions, while keeping clear the space beneath the structure for other purposes.

One of the most useful features of the combat sport application of OUTRACE concerns indeed the storage solutions offered by the structure, to which is possible to add also the PB Rail system: this OUTRACE Component provide the possibility to move the punching bag along the beam, in order to position it when needed and then to store it back in a corner of the structure in order to leave more training space for other activities. Thanks to the PB Stop the punching bag can be carried and locked in the preferred position along the PB Rail, safely used for the workout, and then unlocked and brought back to its storage position.

Also for what concerns the Punching Bags OUTRACE can offer different solutions in order to fully meet the different training needs. Besides the 30 kg “short” Punching Bag (100 cm long and with a diameter of around 35 cm), OUTRACE can indeed provide the longer and heavier 50 kg Sidea Punching Bag: they are classical cylindrical bags, nondeformable and provided ready for use. In addition, it has been recently introduced the new 30 kg Punching Ball, a spherical-like shaped bag that can be particularly effective to train technical combat movements like shiftsdodges and pivots, but it is also perfect for hits like uppercutskicksknees and many others.

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