Classrooms, libraries and study rooms, but also common spaces where to spend the leisure time with the other students: Universities and Colleges all over the world are increasingly empowering their campuses and in particular their sports and fitness facilities in order to provide a unique experience to their students in terms of extracurricular activities.

This trend can be seen as part of a “Mens sana in corpore sano” interpretation of the role of the University, where through a healthy and sporty lifestyle, the students are able to improve also in terms of concentration, relaxation and, in general, of mental performance. Besides the cardiovascular benefits, practicing a sport or a regular fitness activity can indeed provide also a right attitude to fatigue, sacrifice and all the positive values of sports and global movement, which are absolutely helpful both in the academic and working life.

From this point of view, OUTRACE offers the opportunity to equip a training area (both indoor and outdoor) in a very complete and versatile way, providing at the same time multiple training solutions and also storage possibilities.

OUTRACE training formats in the University campuses

As a campus includes people with training preferences of every kind, this becomes a very important advantage: thanks to OUTRACE’s Movables and Accessories it is indeed possible to set the training area to host a particular class and, when finished, to store all the tools back and leave the space free for other purposes or other classes. This is particularly useful for Group or Circuit Training sessions, in which the space beneath and around the structure can be fully optimized also for large numbers of people.

Different contexts and locations will require different configurations of the structure: for example, for its new sports center, the University of Warwick has chosen a R2-6 structure, located in the middle of the room so as to serve as a Center Piece for all the suspension and functional training activities. Other Universities have instead opted for larger structures, in order to cover more space and enable both group classes and free access by single users. In particular, the University of Jerusalem has chosen an R3-6 structure for the Safra Sport Center, while Loughborough University decided to refurb its Holywell Gym with a wonderful R4-10 Black-White OUTRACE structure.

University of Bologna: a new outdoor public format

A particular case is represented by the recently installed outdoor T-5 structure installed in Forlì: this OUTRACE structure is indeed located in the garden of the new campus of the University of Bologna in Forlì, and as it is outdoor and freely accessible, it has been designed with some new fixed Components, treated in order to be able not to suffer the weather conditions.

In particular this structure has been provided with Inox steel Parallels and Lat Bar and newly designed fixed Dips BarPlyo Board, Abdominal Bench and Barbell Lever. Thanks to this configuration, this structure is available to the students in every moment, and can be used both with or without tools, apps and other additional equipment.

Here you can find some videos of exercises that it is possible to perform on the new Outdoor Fixed Components:

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