The same methods and equipment used for professional athletes and specialists, available to the general public. This is the deep convincement behind the innovative project of ISKIA Athletic Club, a private, small group and coach-led facility in Canberra, Australia, that offers a system of practices for the regeneration of your health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Strength, endurance, power, aerobic capacity, mobility, rehabilitation Pilates, yoga: all these training disciplines and methods, performed through functional planes of movement, contribute to creating an environment where the individual physical capacities are enhanced to optimize the user’s body.

“We believe every human has the capability to develop a better body, a more resilient physical form and enhance their physiological capacities. It is through this training that people really learn about themselves and can give them the platform to become someone more than they believed possible. I want everyone to believe the path to their own greatness, lies in mastering their physical self”.

Matty Rodgers, Human Development Coach and creative mind behind Iskia Athletic Club ’s systems of practice

This mission passes also through the equipment used and the training area design, that create the perfect conditions for this regenerative system of training. In particular, the presence of a Center Piece OUTRACE structure in the middle of the training room upgrades it to a multi-functional area, where it is possible to combine many different kinds of classes and to truly get the best out of any centimeter of space available.

ISKIA Athletic Club ‘s OUTRACE structure


Iskia Athletic Club ’s OUTRACE is a Black-White R2-6 structure, provided with many ComponentsMovables, and Accessories to be used both as a support for group classes and as a storage solution for the many tools and accessories that can be applied to it.

For example, it could potentially host up to 8 people at the same training with Flying, or 4 people for a Trapezex group class. An alternative could also be a combination of different stations for a circuit training, that could include a three levels Monkey Walk on the Sky Gym Ladder, a Core Training session with the Barbell Lever, a proprioceptive suspension training on the Flyo, and some bodyweight exercises on the Smart Dips Bar.

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