Unlike the standard frames, the OUTRACE TOWER is composed of a single column, enabling a 360° training area. The structure represents the Pivot, the Totem around which all the activity takes place. This groundbreaking feature is the full expression of the concept of Center Piece structure. Thanks to its dimensions, it is entirely implementable into small training contexts such as Fitness BoutiquesPT Studios, or home gyms.

Just like any other OUTRACE structure, the Tower can be configurated in different ways, varying the color, the indoor/outdoor use, and, most of all, the specific Components.

  • OR17008: TOWER PEG


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Every Tower can indeed be equipped with up to 4 “Arms”, one for each side of the column. These Arms are 160cm long and each one enables two training stations (one for side). It can be provided in 3 different configurations: it can have Hooks on both sides, Lat Bars on both sides, or one Hook and one Lat Bar on each side of the Arm. Combinations vary according to which accessories you choose.

The Hooks are compatible with most of the OUTRACE Suspension Training Apps, such as FlyingTrapezexTraining Ladder, and, in general, all the Apps that can be hung to the OUTRACE Connectors. The Lat Bars are instead perfect for Pull-Up exercises or to hang elastics such as Power Loops.

Another possible customization of the Tower concerns the Pegs placed on the column’s four sides. A standard Tower is finished with 12 Pegs (but it is possible to add others). Pegs can be placed all on one side, creating a single ladder, or divided differently to enhance different uses. Thanks to the Pegs, it is possible to add almost all the OUTRACE Movables to the Tower.

The Tower offers the possibility to customize different training configurations. It is possible to create circuit training routines of every kind by taking advantage of the working stations created by the structure itself (beneath the Arms or directly in contact with the column) and the training space around the structure (that can be completed by adding a technical flooring with markers). Functional trainingathletic conditioningholistic training, postural and physical rehabilitationcombat sports training, and suspension training, to name a few of the possibilities enabled by this structure.

The first OUTRACE Tower has already been installed in the wonderful location of Masseria Pettolecchia – La Piccola, a top level resort in Fasano (Puglia, Italy), where it features in an outdoor environment at few meters from a swimming pool and a little distance from the sea.

Check it in this short presentation video:

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