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Located in a historic building in the heart of Monza, Storm Club was born from the need to create something new: a Fitness Boutique. It is a different idea of gym, a place characterized by an exclusive and state-of-the-art training offer, which allows the customer to have a personalized experience within the club.

This happens through a multiplicity of services offered, which include top-level training equipment (including an OUTRACE T5 structure), but not only, as the studio also has an Osteopath and Massofisiotherapist and a Nutritionist. Services that raise the level of the offer of Storm Club and allow the customer to achieve physical well-being at 360 degrees.

Storm Club: the training formats

The Club’s offer is divided into different training formats:

  • Storm Box: a particularly intense workout of 45 minutes, designed to burn calories by alternating exercises focused on qualities such as strength, speed and endurance, with techniques inspired by the preparation for boxing.
  • Storm Yoga: a mix of positions (asanas) connected one another through the breath. A unique flow in which the variety of postures allows to develop flexibility, strength but also coordination and balance.
  • Skill X: an effective and engaging training experience to improve athletic qualities through ever-changing high-intensity programs that alternate between cardio exercises and power development.
  • Storm Monkey: free-body suspension training that, taking advantage of the possibilities of the OUTRACE structure, combines the principles of gymnastics and fitness, helping the users to develop strength, endurance and elasticity.

OUTRACE and Storm Club

Main protagonist in the latter format, but not only, the OUTRACE T5 perfectly integrates into the context of Storm Club Monza, both in terms of training possibilities offered and in terms of design of the club.

Its variety of stations allows to organize sessions aimed at performing suspension and free-body workouts, but also activities that vary between functional training, aerobic and anaerobic and even specific exercises. All this can be applied both to small groups and personal training sessions, under the supervision of the trainer.

The characteristics of the OUTRACE structure

The structure is an OUTRACE T5 Black-Black, which is composed of a portal (equipped with two Gym Ladders) and of a single 5 m long central beam. The beam is equipped on one side with a Side Sky Gym Ladder, useful for carrying out suspension training exercises (such as Monkey Walk), and on the other side with a Lat Bar Twins, a Jump Up and a Ball Target.

The structure is also completed by the presence of Movables and Accessories, including a Plyo Board, a Dips Bar, a Punching Bag and a supply of Flying and Fitness Hammock to be able to organize group classes.

The functionality of the structure is further enhanced by the presence of a technical flooring, in particular the Outrace Rubber Floor code 9190/7 (7 cm thick), equipped with yellow markers so as to highlight the different workstations.


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