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Si-Clubs: a Functional Training Tool with unique features


If the kettlebells can now be considered common tools in every gym or fitness and sports context, the clubs are still mostly unknown and, therefore, less appreciated. Once you learn to use them, however, you can immediately understand how much these tools can be useful for every kind of training and athletic conditioning, being it […]

Fabio Scozzoli: functional training for swimming athletic preparation


Goggles, costume, cap and a pool full of water to cross back and forth as fast as possible. The ‘swimmer kit’ may seem to include only these simple items, but especially in recent years agonistic swimming is more and more connected to an important part of preparation performed outside the water, where it is possible […]

Matteo Signani, from functional training to the ring: the athletic preparation for boxing


Constant movement, speed, explosiveness, strength and endurance: boxing is one of the most complex sports both technically and, even more, athletically. For this reason, an appropriate athletic preparation is essential, and this has been confirmed by one of the main interpreters in Italy and in Europe: Matteo “il Giaguaro” Signani.

The Gym Hammer


The Gym Hammer is one of the latest tools to be rediscovered by fitness: it is particularly suitable for the athletic preparation of many disciplines, but also to increase the physical qualities which can be useful both for the performance and for esthetic goals. Unlike the common hammers, these tools are specifically thought for the […]

Functional training for aesthetic goals: interview to the Croatian fitness model Sara Vulinovic-Zlatan

sara-vulinovic-zlatan-fitness model-aesthetic goals

Modeling and functional training are apparently very distant concepts: this type of training indeed may seem something completely unrelated to a profession in which women usually have a slender and slim figure, often reached through a combination of cardio and diet. It’s a prejudice which is based on the more general trend to think that […]

Sidea and Outrace at FIBO Africa 2018: the report

sidea-outrace-fibo africa

A very special debut for Sidea, that the last weekend have concluded its first participation to FIBO Africa. The 2018 edition of this event indeed took place from 26 to 28 October in the wonderful location of the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg, and has brought to South Africa 86 exhibitors and visitors coming from all over […]

Sidea 2018 Catalog: new products, updated design and a new communication approach


To be up-to-date, to invest and, above all, to search for new challenges: these are the keys to grow and to progress that Sidea has identified, starting a process of renovation of its offer and of its image. A process started with the acquisition and by now complete integration of Outrace project, that provided a […]

MOTUS: an upside-down point of view on Movement


“Our nature consists in movement: absolute rest is death” (B. Pascal). Movement has a key role in the essence of human being, and this was already clear in the XVII century: through movement it is possible to generate energy, but also to find that psychophysical harmony that allow to express your own plain potential. In its various […]

Sidea Open Weekend 2018: two days dedicated to Movement and Training


Despite the bad weather, the first Sidea Open Weekend has been a complete success, with a very large number of people that did not just attended the event, but also participated actively both Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September. The thematic workshops program has received an excellent response from the participants, who had the opportunity […]