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All the focus articles in Sidea News Blog about athletic preparation for every kind of sports, including specifical advices or professional experiences about physical conditioning for team or individual activites.

Fabio Scozzoli: functional training for swimming athletic preparation


Goggles, costume, cap and a pool full of water to cross back and forth as fast as possible. The ‘swimmer kit’ may seem to include only these simple items, but especially in recent years agonistic swimming is more and more connected to an important part of preparation performed outside the water, where it is possible […]

Matteo Signani, from functional training to the ring: the athletic preparation for boxing


Constant movement, speed, explosiveness, strength and endurance: boxing is one of the most complex sports both technically and, even more, athletically. For this reason, an appropriate athletic preparation is essential, and this has been confirmed by one of the main interpreters in Italy and in Europe: Matteo “il Giaguaro” Signani.

Osmany Juantorena and NOI.5 Fitness Club: from volleyball athletic preparation to the new gym in Civitanova Marche


Outside hitter for Lube Civitanova and for the Italian national team, silver medal in the 2015 World Cup and in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016, besides an almost endless series of titles won with his clubs (in particular two consecutive Champions League won when he played for Trento): as a volleyball player, Osmany Juantorena […]

Football and Functional Training: the pre-season preparation


During the summer, football enters in some sort of parallel dimension, where the transfer market and the social networks completely absorb the public’s attention. The truth is that those who works in football are already back on the pitch since July, starting a phase which can be considered essential for the whole season: the pre-season […]

Nadya Ochner and the athletic preparation for snowboard: from functional training to the Olympic Games


Sudden changes of speed and direction, an extremely high-intensity athletic performance which take place on an unstable floor as a snowy track: snowboard, led to competitive levels, requires an important physical preparation not only to reach the athlete’s maximum potential, but also to avoid injuries and possible damages, and Nadya Ochner must surely be conscious […]