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All the focus articles in Sidea News Blog about athletic preparation for every kind of sports, including specifical advices or professional experiences about physical conditioning for team or individual activites.

Handball athletic preparation between aerobic power and muscle strengthening

Athletic preparation plays an absolutely important role in handball training, as it requires a good [...]

Functional training and running: why it is useful and which kind of exercises to perform

While we are running, we activate many muscles: we need to train ourselves through a [...]

Padel: how to get physically prepared for one of the most popular sports in recent years

Practicing Padel requires proper athletic skills and basic training foundations, that are essential in order [...]

Tennis preparation: how functional training can improve your performance

Functional training can be very effectively applied to tennis preparation, as it allows to improve [...]

Athletic preparation for winter sports: why it is essential and which exercises you should perform

A correct preparation for winter sports is essential to preserve your own safety and to [...]

Strength training and youth football: the functional approach of Atalanta Academy

Functional methods applied to strength training: Atalanta is reaching incredible successes also through the organization [...]

Atalanta and the art of youth football: how the best Academy in Italy trains its talents

The role of ahtletic preparation in youth football through the words of the defender Rodrigo [...]

Functional training in rugby athletic preparation: developing Power Endurance

To obtain the best performance during a match, rugby athletic preparation must be focused on [...]


Fabio Scozzoli: functional training for swimming athletic preparation

The more and more important role of functional training in swimming athletic preparation through the [...]

Matteo Signani, from functional training to the ring: the athletic preparation for boxing

Constant movement, speed, explosiveness, strength and endurance: boxing is one of the most complex sports [...]

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