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Diversión de alta intensidad“: Health Space Kubo‘s fitness offer can be easily synthesized in this phrase, which means “High intensitiy fun” and which provide a clear idea of the combination of game and training that is possible to find in this innovative club. Health Space Kubo is indeed the Directed Physical Activity room of Health Space, an innovative fitness club and PT studio which is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

HIIT, functional and boxing training: the “Kubo” offers a very dynamic activity program, but the most interesting thing of this room is the ambience in which the workout is done: dim illumination, disco spotlights and loud music surround the people who participate to the classes, creating a very fun and intense atmosphere where the edge between training and playing becomes blurred in some sort of ’80s video game arcade setting (actually, there is a real Pac-Man arcade game in the room, and the walls are decorated with Tetris bricks).

With this vintage solutions, Health Space Kubo and in particular its director Isaac Rojas want to recall the first era of video games, when playing with a console was wonderful but could not compete with going out with friends, playing and sweating in the streets and in the fields.

Overall, the result is a unique ambience to work on an OUTRACE structure, with the white surface of the R2-450 frame (the first to be installed in the Canary Islands) getting filled with the colors of the spotlights. It is a Center Piece structure which allows to take full advantage of the training space of the room: it can host up to 16 people working at the same time, providing the possibility to have quality training sessions even in the most frequented classes. Accessories and Movables like TrapezexPlyo BoardBall TrampolineFlyo or Flying enable to create a customized use experience, with a vast range of possible exercises to take advantage of the bodyweight which perfectly matches with a HIIT class program and not only.

To complete its offer, Health Space Kubo is also equipped with the Technogym‘s new SkillBike and SkillRow, which through the common connection to Teambeats allows challenges and competitions among the participants.

All these features make Health Space a real excellence for Tenerife and not only, with ‘Kubo‘ and its OUTRACE structure playing an essential role in creating a complete and qualitative fitness offer. A place where everyone can become the protagonist of its own video game, trying to exceed his own limits to the rhythm of music.

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