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Modeling and functional training are apparently very distant concepts: this type of training indeed may seem something completely unrelated to a profession in which women usually have a slender and slim figure, often reached through a combination of cardio and diet. It’s a prejudice which is based on the more general trend to think that functional training can only increase muscle mass and therefore that it could even be damaging for female figure. All of this is absolutely denied by the Croatian fitness model Sara Vulinovic-Zlatan, that few months ago chose functional training to reach her aesthetic goals and that also collaborated to the realization of Sidea and OUTRACE 2018 Catalogue.

Sara, how did you discover functional training?

I have been a model for 10 years and I always had a passion for fitness, but I had the opportunity to attend my first WTA functional training class only in March 2018. It immediately convinced me, being the training typology that I was looking for for years. Before this, the training methods and programs that I was usually given in gyms did not help me from many points of view”.

What kind of exercises do you make during your workout?

I always make a warm-up and a cool-down with Primitive exercises. During the main part of the workout I like to alternate functional exercises, for example with kettlebell or Flying, with other Primitive movements”.

What benefits did you get through functional training?

I immediately improved very much both aesthetically and for what concerns the posture, which is absolutely essential in my job and that has always been a weakness for me. In particular, through functional training I had the possibility to reach strength, control and postural goals in a short period of time, in addition to aesthetic ones”.

Women, in particular, often fear that functional training may lead to an excessive increase of muscle mass. What advices do you have for them?

I used to have the same fear about increasing my muscle mass in an ‘unfeminine way’, and it was what was happening to me when I used the wrong methodology: in the classical gym training, the machines force us to make exercises that isolate the single muscles. The WTA Woman Functionl Training class instead gave me the possibility to move free in space, using all the muscular chains. In my opinion, it’s the kind of training through which a woman can reach aesthetic goals while keeping her body fit and, most of all, healthy. For these reasons I would recommend it to anyone”.

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