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Our nature consists in movement: absolute rest is death” (B. Pascal). Movement has a key role in the essence of human being, and this was already clear in the XVII century: through movement it is possible to generate energy, but also to find that psychophysical harmony that allow to express your own plain potential. In its various forms, movement creates the conditions for a healthy and active lifestyle, which is opposed to the progressive sedentariness that is involving our everyday life. We are seated when we work or study, we are seated when we eat, we are seated when we move from one place to another and we are often seated even when we train.

An answer to this trend comes from a project born in Rome that has made the return to movement its fulcrum, combining different styles, approaches and skills towards this goal: Motus (literally “movement” in latin) is a practice that tends to the complete control of your own body as an expression of freedom and psychophysical wellness.

Being composed by professionals with extremely different backgrounds, Motus Team combines multidisciplinary approaches to reach a common goal, which is a conscious exploration of human dimension and its potentials through the movement. A sort of little revolution in people’s lifestyle, to whom it is not requested any particular preparation as it has a gradual and progressive approach, but only curiosity to try living their life in an active and dynamic way.

Strength, flexibility, joint mobility, coordination, skill, concentration and courage: these are only few of the aspects that Motus approach is focused on and all of this was part of the workshops that the three members of the team, Katharina Loestzsch, Emanuele Pagliuca e Riccardo Collins, held during the recent Sidea Open Weekend.

Entitled “Motus Handstand and Transitions: an Upside Down Point of View”, these workshops allowed the participants to work on the setting of a correct handstand and, in general, on dynamic movements on the floor to improve immediately their stability and sense of balance. An “upside-down point of view” that does not only include the physical position during a handstand, but also this Team’s attempt to reverse people’s approach to everyday life. To remind people that “our nature consists in movement”.

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