2501 Half Foam Roller Eva

The solution of the half rollers allows greater stability when compared to the round foam roller. The half-round support becomes necessary for some exercises where the round foam roller would be challenging to use. Its shape makes it ideal for placing under legs, back, and shoulders. Their length provides added versatility and facilitates a wide variety of stretching exercises. Foam Rollers are available in two types of material: Polyethylene and EVA.
EVA: firmer and slightly more expensive. EVA is non-deformable and more longlasting. EVA Foam Rollers are a premium quality product, especially suitable for professional use. This type of foam roller offers a high coefficient elasticity, perfectly finished, with rounded edges and stimulating texture. EVA roller is harder than Polyethylene, so the massaging impact is more intense. High-density EVA foam rollers resist moisture, improve stability, flexibility, promotes stabilization and core strength.

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