Multifunctional and elegant training solutions, capable of providing an immediately recognizable sign of quality and professionalism: OUTRACE combines all these elements in an effective and versatile way, suitable for contexts of every kind and dimensions.


OUTRACE is the Premium line of structures, components and accessories within the Sidea offer, characterized by the high quality of the materials, the extremely elegant design and the great versatility of the configuration possibilities. OUTRACE represents an All-in-One solution, customized to become the fulcrum of many different training modes: from functional to suspension training, from sports athletic conditioning to weightlifting and physical strengthening.

The design combines functionality and elegance, making OUTRACE able not only to equip but also to furnish a training area in an immediately identifiable way for quality and professionalism. The great variety of shapes and sizes available also enables you to find solutions suitable for all types of contexts, from large training spaces such as gyms and sports centers, to more contained personal training studios and even home gyms. Each structure can also be prepared for outdoor installation, through a treatment that makes it more resistant to atmospheric agents.


The OUTRACE offer is divided into 4 main categories: Frames, Components, Movables and Accessories.


The basis of each configuration, the structural element that will then be enriched through the addition of components and accessories. The Frames give the name to the entire structure, and are characterized by the shape (usually indicated by a letter, a letter-number combination or a whole word) and the dimensions (indicated by a number, which represents the length in meters).

Es. OUTRACE R2-6 (composed of 2 Rows with a length of 6 m each)
OUTRACE H7 (composed of a "H" shaped frame with a length of 7 m)


The structural accessories, fixedly anchored to the Frame. On the one hand, the Components can already enable in themselves a possible training application, such as a Lat Bar allows you to perform pull-ups or a Sky Gym Ladder for Monkey Bar exercises, but in some cases they are indispensable supports to attach Movables or Accessories of various kinds (such as the Gym Ladder and Tiny Gym Ladder).


Accessories that are not fixed on the structure but which can be hooked, in an extremely stable way, to a Gym Ladder or Tiny Gym Ladder. This ability to position a component and, if necessary, move it, remove it or replace it with another makes OUTRACE structures particularly versatile, able to adapt to the needs of the users. In this way it is possible to set, within the same structure, extremely diversified training classes, simply by changing the components that are attached to them in a quick and orderly manner.


Accessories and tools that are not part of the OUTRACE structure, but which complete the training delivery. This category includes suspension training tools such as Flying, Trapezex or Training Ladder, which are hooked to the appropriate Hooks at the desired height through accessories called Connectors.


OUTRACE structures are available for purchase in a series of pre-composed packs: each structure model can be selected in two different colors (Black-White or Black-Black) and in the Indoor or Outdoor version. It is also possible to choose two types of Packs: Light or Full Optional.

The Light Pack is the basic version, including only the essential components for using the structure. The Full Optional version, on the other hand, includes a full supply of Components, Movables and Accessories to make the most of the training potential of the structure.