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An inactive lifestyle and a job that keeps you many hours sitting every day are two of the main reasons behind the backache. People think it may be caused by a weight lifted in the wrong way or by an uncomfortable mattress. Still, this problem’s real origin is the loss of tone in the core and the lack of flexibility and mobility in the kinetic chains.

What is the core?

The core is the set of muscles that compose the abdomen and keep the spine’s correct alignment. Spending many hours sitting on a chair at work may bring us to assume incorrect positions that may affect our posture.

If we also include the time we spend in the car or on public transportation, we can spend more than 8 hours a day sitting. To tackle this problem, physical activity becomes our best ally. It tones our muscles, lubricates our joints, and improves the vascularization of our muscles.

Suggested activities to avoid backache

There is not a physical activity that can be considered better than the others. Still, indeed, many of them can be useful in preventing or healing backache. Depending on your situation and fitness level, you can rely on aerobic, weightlifting, functional training or holistic activities (such as pilates or yoga).

Suppose your goal is to prevent a possible backache. In that case, you can choose any of the activities mentioned above as they all improve your tone, mobility, and muscle flexibility. If you already have some symptoms, my advice is to start with holistic activities and subsequently pass to the others.

Exercises to avoid backache that you can perform in your workplace

This is a training routine that may be suitable for short breaks at work, and that helps you awaken and strengthening the core muscles and improves your posture:

  • Diaphragm breathing with the hands above the legs
  • Spine stretching with the hands above the legs
  • Cat & Cow while sitting
  • Hamstrings stretching

Perform each exercise for around 60” and rest for 20”.

Another thing that may have positive or negative effects while working is the type of seat: the SIDEA ACTIVE SITTING BALL is an effective solution to sit and keep active. It forces you to adapt your posture at any movement continually. This has positive effects on the activation of all the postural muscles, allowing the restoration of the spine’s physiological curves.

Try this short routine with a SIDEA ACTIVE SITTING BALL and an elastic band 2 times a day (it’s only 5 minutes long):

Perform each exercise for around 60” and then rest for 20”.

5 useful tips to prevent backache

  • Try to devote 120-150 minutes each week to a physical activity
  • Drink around 2 liters of water every day: keeping hydrated will help your joints
  • Perform some stretching routines every day, whether in the morning, in the afternoon or the evening
  • Keep your weight under control
  • Always wear comfortable shoes, which must be suitable for your everyday activities

Matteo Zoffoli

  • Professional athletic trainer and high-intensity preparation specialist.
  • Physical trainer for Cesena Calcio football club for three seasons (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) as strength and conditional coach.
  • Fitness consultant as regards training scheduling and the evaluation of the functional training activities, athletic preparation and online coaching.
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