9209 Weight Lifting Platform Power cage rack

The Weightlifting Platform (code 9209) is an optional component of the Power Cage Rack and of the Rack Station.

It is a weightlifting-powerlifting platform with a dimension of 2×3 +1 m (2020×3020 mm the external perimeter), that can be inserted on the Rack. It is composed of 4 tiles made in agglomerated granules of recycled rubber (20 mm thick) that, thanks to its double layer, has a highly cushioning base, while the central platform is composed of 3 rigid black colored tiles, on which is printed the white graphics ‘Sidea Weight-lifting’ (the graphics is customizable).

The frame of the platform is made in tubular steel with a rectangular section (40 mm thick), colored in dark gray with a scratch-resistant paint and with the Sidea logo on the angles.

The standard color is dark grey.

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