9095/8 PU Bar

The PU Bar (code 9095/8) is an optional component of the Power Cage Rack and of the Rack Station.

As well as the Parallel code 9095/1 or the Wall Bar code 9095/9, the PU Bar is a lateral component.

Once installed on the Rack, the PU Bar reaches a height of 2500 mm and a maximum distance from the Rack of 1000 mm. This solution allows to have a good compromise between the overall dimensions of the structure and the presence of a high bar, suitable for pull-ups or for attaching elastics (like Power Loop, codes 0513-0518) or suspension training tools (like Flying, code 2092, or Rings, codes 2088 2088/1 and 2089).

Adding only a PU Bar on a Power Cage Rack requires to fix it to the floor.

The standard color is red, with dark grey bar.

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