9027 Angled Barbell – EZ Barbell

This barbell is a classic curl bar mainly used for biceps training. The main feature of the 9027 model is its essential construction. It is a rough, sturdy, efficient, and economical product. The “curl” of the bar is slightly accentuated, resulting in a grip that somewhat differs from that of a standard straight bar. By using the 9027 bar, the wrists will be only lightly rotated compared to a regular bar, meaning that the bent-over supinated grip degree will be slightly lower.
The purpose of the barbell is not to determine a “hammer grip,” for which other dumbbells may be more appropriate, but to establish a lower tendon-muscle elongation with the primary purpose of making the exercise less stressful. A valid training alternative for athletes of all levels, the 9027 angled barbell can be particularly useful for beginners or those with minor joint problems.

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