1133 Neoprene Super Pump Kit 18 Kg

The Neoprene Super Pump Kit 18 Kg is a complete set for Super Pump training, which includes plates with a neoprene coating and symmetrical grip handles. The Neoprene is a particularly pleasant to touch rubber polymer, odourless and characterized by an elevated mechanical resistance, an optimal resistance to atmospheric aging and elasticity.

The kit is composed by:

1x code 1660 Super Pump Barbell (grip bar Ø 35 mm, loadable sleeves Ø 28 mm, length 1.30 m, weight 2.0 Kg)
1x code 1656 Pair of Spring Collars Ø 28 mm
2x code 0031 Neoprene plate 1 Kg Ø 28 mm
2x code 0032 Neoprene plate 2 Kg Ø 28 mm
2x code 0033 Neoprene plate 5 Kg Ø 28 mm

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