Outdoor training solutions for public spaces

Public parks and gardens, but also squares, beaches and, in general, open spaces where you can freely train in the open air.

The spread of disciplines such as calisthenics and cross-training, combined with the fascination of physical activity in contact with nature, is increasingly leading to the need to enrich public spaces for leisure and free time with fixed equipment and multi-functional, which allow to amplify the training possibilities in this context.

The standards EN 16630: 2015 and EN 1176

Setups of this type are subject to specific Community regulations, which bind their characteristics to certain safety limits. The direct accessibility of these equipment by users who are not necessarily trained and / or supervised by qualified personnel (as is the case in private environments, such as gyms), makes it necessary to design structures, accessories and any flooring in order to make them as safe as possible. . Specifically, for fixed structures the standard in question is EN 16630: 2015, while for flooring the standards EN 71.3, EN 1176 and EN 1177.

The Public Island Sidea

For this type of context we have introduced the series of structures, accessories and flooring “Public Island“, entirely designed to provide outdoor training solutions in public spaces with free access and designed in compliance with the aforementioned safety standards.

A fundamental element of these “islands” for Outdoor Training is certainly the structure, which is available in two versions: the Public Island Rack cod. 9085/1 and the Public Island OUTRACE T6 cod. T6BCP.

The Public Island Rack combines minimal design with extensive training possibilities, especially in functional training, calisthenics and cross-training. The Rack can be purchased individually, or combined with other modules of the Public Island series, namely the Plyoboxes, the Bench-Dips and the Parallels.

The Full Optional version (including all the aforementioned elements) has the code 9085. The Public Island OUTRACE T6, on the other hand, takes up the design of the OUTRACE series of structures, adapted however in this case in order to comply with the EN 16630 standard and implemented through the addition of fixed components connected directly to the main structure.

This model, unlike the rack, is to be considered a Full Optional, as all the components are already included in the cod. T6BCP, including Parallels and Plyoboxes (the only elements released from the main structure).

Fixing the Public Island Rack

All the products in this line can be purchased with different fixing kits:

The Plateau Kit includes classic expansion anchors for concrete, and must be chosen in the event that the structure (or its sub-components) are fixed on a whole reinforced concrete base, with a minimum thickness of 15 cm.

The Plinth Kit includes some components necessary for joining the Dips bars, and the classic expansion anchors for concrete and must be chosen if the structure (or its sub-components) is anchored to the ground by means of 40x40x40 cm plinths. .

The Ground Kit consists of innovative anchoring systems with screws with a diameter of 15 cm and a length of about 90 cm, which will literally be screwed into the ground and which will guarantee the necessary hold for the stability of the structure. It can also be used to anchor the structure in the sand.


Flooring Playground e ecogym 40

In the context of the Public Islands we have designed two different solutions regarding the technical rubber flooring, in compliance with the aforementioned rules relating to public spaces:

Public Island Playground: these are “all-in-one” solutions, already inclusive of screed lower concrete surface covered by a 40 cm thick layer of cast rubber, characterized by a chromatic contrast to highlight the different work stations.

The need for a concrete screed as a base for the rubber casting makes this flooring model compatible only with the versions of the Public Island with kit for fixing to a concrete plateau.

EcoGym 40: these are tiles made with an agglomeration of recycled brick red rubber granules, with dimensions of 1 x1 m and a thickness of 40 mm.

The EcoGym 40 tiles are perfectly compliant with the safety standards relating to public spaces and, since they can be fixed to each other via lateral pins, they can completely cover the areas intended for training so as to constitute a stable and free base. of irregularities.

Ecogym tiles can be placed both directly above the ground and on hard substrates such as asphalt or concrete screeds, consequently it is compatible with all three methods of fixing to the ground of the Public Island.