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Sidea’s Hammock is a versatile and multi-functional training tool that allows to experience in safety the lightness and fun of suspension training, while developing conditional-coordinative skills and mobility.

It has physical features that facilitate and intensify the workout by increasing the strength, the mobility and the flexibility and that allows to correctly perform positions that are often limited by the lack of strength and mobility.

The tool

The Hammock is composed by a semi-elastic fabric, two short lanyards, two carabiners and two longer lanyards (used to fasten the carabiners with the anchor point in the ceiling or in the structure). It is strongly recommended to use the supplied materials or at least certified materials for climbing, and also to use suitable certified structures for this kind of work and to make sure that the anchor points can guarantee security, also by asking for expert advices.

The Hammock has particular features that makes the workout versatile, multifunctional and training:

  • Balance Training
  • Suspension and Overturning Training

These two features produce a unique kind of training that aims to strengthen the basic motor skills and to increase the mobility. The result is a close connection with the tool that provides constant boosts both for the training and for the creativity, as from errors and recoveries it is possible to create new movements, exercises, positions, tricks, up to true combos.

For these and more other aspects, Hammock Training can increase considerably the psychophysical wellbeing of a person.

Hammock Training

It is possible to make different training programs, depending on the goals: Hammock Fit, Hammock Stretch&Relax, Hammock Acro.

Training with complete or partial suspension of the body constantly activates the core musculature, by strengthening it and by keeping the muscular chains active thanks to the constant balance provided by the tool. Hammock ’s movement produces indeed repetitive postural adaptations, exploiting small and deep muscles that are normally more difficult to activate.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility to stretch and cool-down the muscles, to mobilize the joints and to increase the proprioception thanks to the Hammock Stretch&Relax work. The functional versatility of this tool allows indeed to train the body and then to stretch and relax it through positions that can provide moments of total calm of the mind, while the body keeps working rocked by the balance.

Not less interesting is also the Hammock Acro, which is addressed to people that already have a good level or familiarity with aerials, acrobatics or calisthenics disciplines: the workout includes acrobatics positions, movements and combinations that mainly include the upside-down work, the use of the strength and of the arms support, the knowledge of the points of interlocking with the Hammock and of the sequences of execution of “falls”.

The benefits

– Postural Balance and Proprioception

The mutable shape and the instability of the Hammock ‘s fabric imply a constant adaptation of the body, that works continuously on balance, which can be increased at will and at the discretion of the trainer. This produces an intense and continuous effort of every muscular chains, which constantly works to keep stability in unstable conditions. As a result of this, the big, small and deep muscles gain promptness in reacting, educating the body on receiving solicitations, whether they are large or small. In addition, the neuro-motor reaction times get shorter thanks to the suspension training, as it implies a higher concentration during the work.

– Strength development

A particularly important feature concerns the strength development: Hammock suspension training, if gradually guided with a particular attention for posture and for correct execution, can produce an excellent strength development in the higher limbs and in the core, but also in the lower part of the body. Working with the fabric promptly enables the use of the whole body and increases the perception of the body in the space in the various positions. The overturning is an essential part of the training, to be gradually approached in order to then have the appropriate proprioception and strength, besides mobility, to be able to perform entire upside-down combinations, with the support of the safety of the tool and of the technique already learned.

– Development and increase of joint mobility and muscular flexibility

Despite its flexibility, the Hammock ‘s fabric guarantees an appropriate support to reach the stretching positions that otherwise would imply contractions and incorrect adjustments. The tool modulation is indeed useful to increase and surpass the joint blocks, working at the same time both actively and passively and therefore on muscle stretching. The joint mobility goes hand in hand with the muscular strength: if a joint’s muscles are weak, the joint itself would not be as much stable as it needs to be to perform every movement. In order to keep a joint’s maximum mobility, it is necessary to exercise the muscular chains for their full range of motion.

– Development and increase of motor skills

The execution of the Hammock training routine implies necessarily to reach familiarity with a technical-combinational way to train. The existence of a performance model allows to plan an appropriate path based on the requests and needs of the individual, consequently increasing the motor skills depending on the goals. The more involved motor skills are balance, coordination, reaction and multilateralism.

Development and increase of self esteem

The increase of the perception of one’s own abilities and self esteem should not be underestimated, as it indirectly contributes to the acquisition of a correct posture and to the increase of self esteem also in the everyday life. Facing the fear of emptiness, of highness, of instability and of overturning as we do while training on a Hammock, and approaching to movements and positions that at a first sight could seem impossible or unreachable, considerably satisfies ourselves and provides us a higher strength in facing our everyday problems and challenges.

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