9012/3K FAST -KIT Functional Alpine Ski Training

FAST – KIT Functional Alpine Ski Training

Acronym for Functional Alpine Ski Training designates a training method specifically studied for athletic training dedicated to alpine skiing. Skiing is a complex, technical, combinatorial, situational sport, whose execution, although performed in a standardized way, is subjected to numerous variables characterized, on an athletic level, by high muscular tension (over 3 G of acceleration in bends, corresponding to more than 300 kg) and a wide range of joint mobility. For this reason, in the KIT F.A.S.T. we find tools that involve strength exercises characterized by destabilization and a full range of movement, from which coordination and stabilization capacity of the joints.
The Kit is composed of:
9012/3 LOW HEX BAR x1
8054 FLOW-Bag x1
0606 Hip Band x1
9040 / 30W Rubber Wagon Wheel x2
9014 Compact Barbell x1
9016/1 Collars. x1
9123 Ghd & Sissy Squat x1
9013/1 GHR – x1

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