The Gym Hammer


The Gym Hammer is one of the latest tools to be rediscovered by fitness: it is particularly suitable for the athletic preparation of many disciplines, but also to increase the physical qualities which can be useful both for the performance and for esthetic goals. Unlike the common hammers, these tools are specifically thought for the training, in particular for what concerns the length and the grip.

Strength, power, speed, coordination and reaction are only few of the features which can be improved by using the Hammer, having it the capability of amplifying the frequency of neuromuscular impulses that are essential to speed up the activation of the muscular fibers and therefore to improve the movement. Other benefits concern certainly the strengthening of the grip, because it requires connections between hand, wrist and elbow and the entire thoracic scapular-humeral girdle, but also the improvement of perception and Core stability. In fact, using the Gym Hammer for ballistic works allows to remain stable while moving on every spatial plan.

Multiplanar ballistic works are only a part of the exercises enabled by this tool, that include also dynamic or isometric works (in this case, using the Hammer as an unstable base) and load transfer without deceleration (if combined with the Tire).

Tools like the Clubbell or the Steel Mace, which are apparently similar to the Hammer, in reality have substantial differences with it. Compared to the Clubbells, the Gym Hammer has indeed a totally decentralized mass, which is also farther from the grip (it can reach a length of 100cm, while a clubbell doesn’t exceed the 70cm). The differences with the Steel Mace instead concern mainly the shape of the mass, with the Hammer’s that enables more uses, in addition to a significantly higher weight. The Steel Mace can reach at most 13kg, while the Hammer weight goes from 4 to 20kg, and this allows to vary the load based on the training goals.

Marco Renna – WTA Functional Training Coach


2161-2164 Gym Hammer

Available weights:
cod. 2161 Hammer 4 Kg length 76 cm – grip diameter 33 mm
cod. 2162 Hammer 10 Kg length 102 cm – grip diameter 40 mm
cod. 2164 Hammer 15 Kg length 104 cm – grip diameter 40 mm
cod. 2163 Hammer 20 Kg length 104 cm – grip diameter 42 mm

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