9017/1 Pull Up Giant Ball

Simple but extremely challenging and training tool. 30 cm diameter metal ball equipped with a carabiner and hanging strap, to be used as a “difficult grip” in the execution of pull ups. In fact, the size of the ball makes it almost impossible to grip, forcing the user to increase the surface of grip using palms, wrists and forearms, in addition to high strength. The force necessary to tighten the ball, in order to exercise sufficient grip to lift the weight of the body, represents the true essence of this exercise. The result is a work of strengthening the “grip group”, hand, wrist, forearm, exceptionally, but above all a great neuro-muscular stimulus able to involve the whole trunk. If traction at the bar is distinguished by being a complete exercise, able to activate also the muscles of the chest and the triceps, the pull ups with Giant Ball further accentuates this completeness. The Pull Up Giant Ball then presents numerous specific applications; calisthenics and weightlifting.

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