9095/14 Roller J Hook

A pair of Roller J Hooks (code 9095/14) is standardly included in every Power Cage Rack (code 9095).

They are barbell supports that can be fixed to the upright columns of the Rack at variable heights, from 550 to 1940 mm. They can be positioned both on the internal and external side of the cage, and both on the front part and on the back one. Thanks to that, the Rack can be positioned in the middle of a work area and used from every side. Then it is possible to ask for more Roller J Hooks than the pair already included, so as to be able to position more barbells at the same time on one Power Cage Rack (code 9095).

Made in painted steel, the Roller J Hooks are characterized for the presence of rollers in polyethylene that allow an easy and safe centering of the barbell on the rack.

The standard color is dark grey.

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