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Flowbag & Sandbag

Flowbag and Flowball are highly destabilizing tools created by the movement of water, which leads the user to an intense balancing effort of control and compensation, involving the whole body. Those who have never tried the Water-Ball or Flow-Bag must do so. A short test is enough to realize the training potential of these tools thanks to the water that moves inside. A few liters of water determine an exceptional workout, that enhances a sectorial exercise into an extraordinarily comprehensive full-body activity.
The primary quality of tools with water is their ability to emphasize the body’s awareness as a whole and not as the sum of isolated parts and movements. We recommend filling the Flow Bag with a few liters of water: 3 beginners, 5 trained, 8 advanced. It is essential to perform multiplane and multidirectional exercises. Exercises should be performed in acceleration (moderate for beginners). The movement of the water determines conditions of continuous asymmetry and instability. The athlete performs a workout routine in which the fundamental principles of functional training are evident and, subsequently, all the benefits in terms of well-being and performance

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