Proprioceptive training equipment to improve balance and stability through exercises performed on unstable bases. Ideal also for rehabilitation purposes.

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Balance Board

The proprioceptive training boards, or Freeman boards, if you prefer, are those boards that, thanks to a semi-sphere applied under the board itself, cause instability. The Balance Boards are used both for rehabilitation and prevention, practices aimed mainly at athletes, amateurs, or experts. How is proprioception stimulated? In the meantime, it is necessary to remember what is the action of the proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are a set of receptors that send messages to the central nervous system to provide feedback information, notifying the brain about the movements that the body is carrying out. The Balance Boards are used to restore (or strengthen) the ankle and knee joints, reinstating the motor patterns that guarantee a static and dynamic balance. This model of neuromotor stimulation is also critical in an older adult who could improve many muscular and nervous faculties with the use of the board.
Here are some exercises listed based on the difficulty:
– sitting down, one foot on the tablet to mobilize the ankle (very easy)
– one foot on the floor and one on the tablet to mobilize the ankle (easy)
– both feet on the tablet to try to maintain balance (medium)
– one foot on the tablet (difficult)
– two feet on the tablet with eyes closed (very difficult)
– as above with the coach disrupting the subjects’ balance with small pushes (very difficult)
The difficulty must be set on the subject who is training. And according to where they are in the re-education. In the case of a healthy individual, it is possible to use the last three suggested exercises for the prevention and improvement of proprioception.

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